BaySave Corporation

Baysave is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey charity focused on environmental stabilization and advocacy for the interests of diverse stakeholders at the Delaware Bay.

Aquaculture workshops planned for 2017

oyster aquacultureBaySave plans to host a series of educational workshops for individuals interested in learning more about aquaculture. The programs will be held on-site at Money Island, a central location for the expansion of aquaculture enterprise in the Delaware Bay. We hope to attract additional investors and participants at all levels of the expansion.

In 2016 our community programs were focused on broad public outreach. The intent was to get more people to visit and be aware of the bay shore. Next year the target audience will be more refined and focus on business people and investors. We plan to continue the successful tradition of abundant local seafood barbecues on the marina deck as an attractor to these events. Workshops will most likely combined with a seafood barbecue.

One workshop will focus on ongoing research. BaySave has been engaged with the community as a laboratory for sustainability research since 2008 and we will share the results of those efforts.

At least one of the workshops will focus on governmental issues related to land use. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been invited to lead that workshop.

Other programs will focus on off-shore operations based on the probability of expanded leases of Delaware Bay locations by the New Jersey DEP.

A schedule will be published in early 2017. Anyone interested in presenting or participating is invited to  contact Tony Novak for more information at or (856) 282-1016.