BaySave Corporation

Baysave is now an unincorporated 501(c)(3) small business registered as a New Jersey charity focused on advocacy of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries in the middle Delaware Bay.

Beach grass planting

An assortment of six grasses from Pinelands Nursery will be planted in test locations at Money Island. The harsh weather poses a challenge to most species but we will try to use a few techniques learned over time to give the new plants the best chance of survival.

The six plants are:

Spartina alterniflora – "Smooth Cordgrass"                

 Spartina patens - "Salt Meadow Cordgrass"

Panicum amarum – "Coastal Panic Grass"

Ammophila breveligulata – "Cape American Beach Grass"

 Schizachyrium scoparium – "Little Bluestem"

Andropogon virginicus – "Broomsedge"

Each of the plants will be started as a transplant of a 2 inch plug. Some sepcies are best suited for dunes while others are adapted for wetlands. All six are tolerant of salt water spray.   

Beach grass profiles

 See the quick profiles of Money Island beach grasses.