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Baysave is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey charity focused on environmental stabilization and advocacy for the interests of diverse stakeholders at the Delaware Bay.

Horn Point Labs - UMD

Horn Point LabsJennifer, a UMD PhD candidate, hosted the tour on May 1.

The University of Maryland's Horn Point Laboratories is located on an 800+ acre facility in Cambridge Maryland and serves as home to the university's Aquaculture Restoration Ecology Program. Sturgeon restoration, oyster propagation, and submerged aquatic vegetation projects are among the active research projects. Some of the results of this research has been useful to BaySave and other restoration projects throughout the east coast.

The facility was once an estate owned by the DuPont family and then donated to UMD. While much of the land remains natural, part of the site houses Horn Point Laboratories and several other university-related projects. On Saturdays in May the labs are open for public tours. See more on their Web site.


oyster breeding

Pictures above and below are scenes from the Horn Point LabsOyster breeding lab oyster propagation facility