How to donate to BaySave

How to donate to BaySave

BaySave is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey nonprofit corporation registered in the state as a charity.

What is special about the Baysave donations program? We are funded entirely through donations of any combination of cash, online payment, materials or personal services. Our four different methods of equally recognized support allow us to fulfill our mission of serving a diverse community who have widely varied interests and resources. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these with you.

What rewards or “thank you” gifts are available? Our board members and other active supporters offer generous thank you rewards and gifts to donors. These may change over time and be subject to weather, seasonal availability, natural conditions, or other restrictions. See this page for current donation rewards.

How are donations used? Unrestricted donations are used to keep programs and facilities running. Security, maintenance and repairs are out largest expenses.

Sometimes we participate in restricted donations that are used in accordance with an agreement with the donor.

Cash donations in any amount are collected on site in person with a receipt provided.

Online donations are processed by PayPal with no service fee so we appreciate this method.

We also accept donations through CashApp account @baysave and Venmo account @baysave.


Boats, trailers, tools and materials used in restoration or programs will be recognized as charitable donations with an personalized acknowledgement letter as required. IRS requires that donated boats worth more than $5,000 require a marine appraisal by a qualified marine surveyor. We can help arrange this appraisal.


Donations of services is especially appreciated. Our great local community is the soul of our operation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this possibility.