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Emergency readiness

Over the decades, because of our remote location, we’ve had to pay attention to emergency preparedness more than others. I updated it now with the considerations for virus-caused isolation.

General Emergency kit

Canned food

Bottled water

Rice, beans, canned foods

Cooking Oil

Pet food

Vehicles filled with gasoline

Extra stabilized gasoline

Hand crank radio

Hand crank battery charger


Water filter


First aid kit

Additional Flood Emengecy kit:


Large heavy duty plastic bags

Handheld vhf radios

Life jackets

All supplies in sealed plastic bucket

Additional Virus Emergency kit

Extra Toilet paper and Tissues

Large size IBU and aspirin

Extra Soap

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, disinfectant and alcohol

Over the counter meds

Have all important documents in a fire proof>

, flood proof safe.

Have several agreed meeting places if cell networks are down.

Have all supplies in sealed buckets labeled “Emergency”.

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