Baysave provides opportunities for a range of investors. Except for outright charitable donations – that we gladly accept and put to good use – we serve to connect investors with specific investment criteria with a funding request that meets these parameters.

Some examples:

Co-op mortgage – the most immediate project is to fund a $60,000 commercial mortgage at 8% interest rate for 3 to 4 years to keep the recreational marina open. This will be repaid through the sale of remote one lot at the completion of permitting.

Long term land investments – Waterfront sites for a weekend cabin or boat launch are available.  These sites need full site permitting, wastewater and a water well.

Tax-free small business stock – Investments in shares of the operating company held for five years have the potential of tax-free gains.


This web page is not an investment offering but rather an invitation to discuss your parameters with us.