Thoughts on lawn mowing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says 5% of air pollution is caused by lawn mowers. In general, I don’t think most people realize how much more damaging a small engine is With its emissions compared to a modern automobile.

There are demonstrated benefits of not mowing grass, especially here at the bayshore. Grass and it’s root system prevent erosion, reduce evaporation in summer, slow down storm runoff and act as a groundwater filter. Yet many communities

, including our own Downe Township, have mowing requirements for land owners. Years ago I tried a re-wilding experiment at my bayside cabin. Dune grasses, bayberry shrubs and cedars dotted my former lawn. My experiment triggered a citation from the township. Now I compromise by mowing some sections and leaving others as designated erosion control zones. Big Brother seems OK with that.

I’ve used both electronic and gasoline mowers. Neither type lasts much more than two years in the salt air. Now I’m back to an electric model. Maybe I can tap into the massive expansion of solar power generation happening here in Cumberland County New Jersey.

The only decision left to make is corded or cordless? My decision came down to this:

  1. I own miles of extension cords; I don’t mind dragging one out
  2. Batteries are heavy

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    , making the mower heavier

  3. Lithium battery technology is safe and environmentally OK
  4. Cordless are more expensive
  5. The corded one comes with a 5 year warranty.

So Baysave properties will be maintained with a new corded electronic mower in 2019.

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By tonynovak

founder and current controller of Baysave

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