Donation Rewards

Donations are always appreciated regardless of amount.

Our board members and community members offer generous thank you gifts for donations to BaySave. These gifts and rewards may change over time, may be seasonal or subject to weather and natural conditions.

Gifts are provided directly by our supporters and not by Baysave. These are personal gifts from an individual supporter to another individual supporter. These are not business transactions. BaySave does not control and is not responsible for any reward or gift item.

Reward and gift programs

LEVEL 1 – Day Pass Level Thank You Gift – $50 a visitor’s pass for an individual or group under direction of one group leader

LEVEL 2 – Kayak Use Level Thank You Gift – $100 – an individual or group use of kayaks

LEVEL 3 – Boat or Cabin Use Level Thank You Gift – $300 – an individual or group use of specified day boat, overnight boat, or overnight cabin.

LEVEL 4 – Seasonal Keyholder Level Thank You Gift – $500 – access to specified facilities and equipment including bait, ice, tools, crabbing equipment, oyster raking equipment, and tackle.

LEVEL 5 – Boat Owner Level Thank You Gift – $1,000 – year-round dry dock and boat launch.

A few details about rewards and gifts

Rewards and gifts can be earned through a combination of cash, materials and labor donations.

Rewards and gifts can be customized for each donor; please speak with the program administrator and the gift donor in advance.

For those who anticipate contributions over the course of the year, a reward or gift level may be unlocked immediately with a pledge.

We presume that the taxable value of a reward or gift is zero and that these qualify as no-added-cost items from the donor.

Administration of reward and gift programs

We welcome your questions, ideas and feedback on the rewards and gift program. Contact the reward and git program director at